Red Light Therapy is it the Latest “Fountain of Youth”

Red Light Therapy is it the Latest “Fountain of Youth”

The Benefits of RLT include:

  • Anti-aging
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Performance and recovery
  • Support better sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory

Today, research reflecting the power of red light to improve health and treat certain skin diseases is gaining momentum. Not only are we finding it can have tremendous health benefits, but also that it can improve the way you look. It can help you shed fat and reduce the signs of aging, regrow hair, increase the results you get from your workouts, reduce pain, speed healing boost hormonal health and lower inflammation.


There are plenty of studies to support #redlightherapy anti aging process, such as Photomed Laser Surgeries Article in which determined that users of RLT’s experienced significantly improved complexions and increase of collagen. It also has shown to improve tone, texture, pore size and wrinkles. There are several studies that show the benefits proven by scientific research of red light therapy and they overwhelmingly show the reversal of skin aging. With this information it is not any surprise that RLT has become very much a staple in the anti-aging arsenal of treatments to support skin health and reverse the signs of aging. Many plastic surgeons such as our very own Dr.Pravin Reddy- along with dermatologists now offer this along with Botox and other treatments to support rejuvenation. Red light stimulates both collagen and elastin production as well can improve the appearance of scars, cellulite and acne. It can offer a safe alternative over other more expensive options.


The jury is still out regarding exact dosage needed for optimal effect, but, in the meantime studies show RLT to be completely safe, non-invasive with no down-time and no harmful side effects, we all know this is a WIN for those of us wanting high safety profiles while offering our skin a healthy boost of collagen. For combating skin aging RLT is a no-brainer, you can rest easy knowing this is an extraordinary powerful tool with proven anti aging benefits.

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