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As non-surgical medical aesthetic professionals, we support the gold standard in self-care. Our mission is to create skin that is healthy, vibrant, and youthful, which is our definition of skin health.

We offer a wide range of medical-grade skin care that is for everybody. Our treatments are custom designed to help rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. In addition, our expert estheticians have​ traveled internationally to ensure that we offer the best skin care products on the market that are both cruelty free and results driven.

Client Favorites

While all of our products and services get rave reviews from our clients, there are several that are the go-to treatments for many of them. Here they are.

The IPL photofacial is great for overall photo rejuvenation and is the secret for bright, even-toned skin.
SkinPen microneedling is a quick, minimal-downtime procedure that allows for the significant enhancement of skin texture, tone, pore size, complexion, scarring, melanoma, pigmentation, wrinkles, and numerous skin imperfections.
Ultherapy is used to counteract the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin on the face, neck, and chest, as well as drooping of the brow area.

LED red light therapy stimulates collagen, treats mild-to-moderate acne, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and treats sun-damage and stretch marks.

Maureen Herrmann of SkynBar Atlanta in Buckhead
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Meet Maureen Herrmann: Expert Esthetician

Our Treatments


We offer six different facials – including the HydraFacial and the Red Carpet Facial – to keep you looking renewed and refreshed. It's indulgence for your body and mind.



To help restore your natural beauty, we offer a variety of injectable neurotoxins and dermal fillers, from Botox and Xeomin to Restylane, Radiesse, and Belotero.



Select from seven peels, including the popular Skin Bright Peel, Beverly Hills Glycolic Peel, and Hot & Flashy (Epicuren Peel). We can do wonders for your skin.

Environmental Stewards

We LOVE the planet we live on and are doing our part to be environmentally conscious activists. We pride ourselves on being a sustainable, eco-friendly business.

Our team has traveled internationally to source the highest-quality cruelty free products for you, while ensuring that we are offering you the best possible solutions for your skin.