Maureen's Summer Beauty Routine

Maureen's Summer Beauty Routine

Known for her dedication to offering only clinically verified products that are of the highest quality, SkynBar founder shares her favorite selectively curated summer must haves!

Cleanse and Tone –  "I only cleanse in the pm, leaving my natural oils intact in the am to protect my skin barrier. I use a gentle cleanser at night and double cleanse if removing makeup. ISDIN Micellar Solution is great for a first cleanse, tiny little oil beads attach to the makeup and grime gently removing it without stripping the skin. Then I use the SkynBar Clean + Purify which leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I consider toner to be optional but I do often reach for the ZO Calming Toner which is great for sensitive skin removing any lingering impurities.”

Treat & Hydrate – "I like alternating regimens and usually do every other am/pm. I prefer products with active components to ensure my skin is getting the potent ingredients for best results. Retinol/Retinoids are high on my list for induction of collagen and long term benefits. ZO Complex Brightening .05 is a summer must for me to keep the sun spots away. I use this 3 times per week in the pm. For moisture my favorite is the GladSkin Redness Relief Cream. Gladskin has a revolutionary new technology that restores the skin's natural bacterial environment. I am so obsessed with the cream I decided to offer the line at SkynBar. The products are minimally formulated but incorporate endolysin SA technology that restores and balances skin.”


BodyCare – "I use tretinoin on body parts to ensure good collagen synthesis and I slug it with heavy lotions that are made with clean ingredients. For excess dryness Isdin Uradin Lotion 10 is a must have. I also use the Isdin Eryfotona SPF on my body to prevent and reverse sun spots.”


Protect – "I am in love with the DP Derm Cover Recover for full coverage and full protection. I had come in contact with poison ivy early summer and not only did this product cover the rash, but it improved the outbreak with its blend of healing ingredients. Great for sensitive skin and skin that is irritated from environmental factors."


MakeUp – "My daytime makeup is very minimal. I do like the Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisture SPF 15 when in need of a light coverage. It is featherweight with a very light tint. Typology also makes an excellent tinted serum with vitamin C and Squalene  + Aloe Vera. It's so hydrating and clean.  I also like the Typology tinted lip oils and tinted concealers. They really do the trick in evening out my skin tone without a heavy feel. 

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