Four Foods Maureen Will Never Eat

Four Foods Maureen Will Never Eat

I am deeply committed to clean eating and taking nutrition seriously for longevity, beauty and health. Growing up in the midwest, or the breadbasket of America, taught me a few things about where our food comes from and techniques that are used to mass produce food. At a young age I developed a passion for cooking and enjoying food with friends and family. I learned early on that starting with fresh, well-sourced  ingredients was key to delicious food and my health. Over the years I have continued to learn and feed my curiosity for food and how it affects our lives both positively and negatively. Food has so many medicinal properties that allow us to control our health and well being. 


I do believe in moderation and allowing yourself to cheat or experience treats for special occasions. That being said, I do have foods that just will never be allowed to enter my body. Here are the four foods on my never list.


  1. Hot Dogs

Processed meats are everywhere in our supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and refrigerators. It is hard to avoid eating them when living in the US. But, not only are they loaded with salt, they also contain saturated fats which can raise your risk of certain cancers such as colorectal and breast cancer. 


What I eat instead: foods that are low in salt but high in protein. Tofu is a delicious option and lean meats also can fill my crave. 


  1. Fast Food Hamburgers

Eating fast food makes me feel bloated and tired. Plus it is high in trans fats, saturated fat and salt – all of which can raise your bad cholesterol.  I also do not like eating meat that probably contains many filler ingredients and unknown products. 


What I eat instead: Tofu burgers or I like to make my own hamburger with organic grass fed beef. I like to source my meats to ensure they are hormone free and healthy. Tofu is also a more economical and better environmental choice. 


  1. Sugary Sodas

Drinking sugary sodas is a waste of calories and puts you at risk for type 2 diabetes. Be mindful of sodas with artificial sweeteners too, they also come with their list of negative health benefits. 


What I drink instead: My favorite low cal/refreshing beverages are green teas,  mint tea, or iced matcha for a special treat. 


  1. Candy

You can treat yourself to candy once in a while but eliminating sugar from your diet will not only improve your weight, health, and energy levels, but it is an excellent way to preserve your skin. Sugar causes glycation and plays havoc on your elasticity. Sweets also can be harmful to your brain and heart. 


What I eat instead: Chia seed pudding with honey is delightful. If you have a craving for candy, reach for the dark chocolates, as these can have rich fighting antioxidants. Make sure to look for organic cocoa or chocolates to support best health. Of course a slice of cake to celebrate special moments is fine!


Want to know more? Watch for some of my favorite special recipes for beautiful summer skin coming soon!

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