Collagen Boosting Tips

Collagen Boosting Tips

It is a sobering fact for sure-but an inevitable one that we start to lose our collagen in our 20s. We lose about 1% per year and this starts to accelerate exponentially in our 30s and 40s+. The structural protein is responsible for giving skin that youthful bounce and firmness. Thankfully, we live in an age where science and innovation keep us from having to feel doomed to pre-mature aging. The expert aestheticians at SkynBar are masterminds behind youthful complexions and have some tips to preserve, protect, and plump up the skin.

5 of their favorite no-frills tips to get baby plump skin:

Up the Ante with Anti-Oxidants

These powerhouses lead the Collagen Club. It’s never too late to start defending skin against free-radical damage, daily skin aggressors and reverse some of the signs of aging. The best defense is to go hard on an antioxidant serum. Vitamin C can boost skin immunity and help with collagen synthesis. We suggest Isdin Flavo-C Drops! (We are obsessed)

Keep Your Shield Up

This next step is not an option but a command. We all can assume collagen loss will happen naturally but one way to accelerate it fast is by not wearing SPF. Wearing sunscreen every day will, among other things, give you the best chance of maintaining that plump, youthful glow. We love Revison’s Intellishade- it is a tinted sunscreen that comes in both matte and original. Giving you subtle coverage whilst protecting your skin a the same time- what a combo.

Repair with Retinol

The vitamin A is scientifically proven to benefit acne and boost collagen. It increases cellular turnover, meaning dead skin cells shed fast so that the surface looks brighter and reflects light better. The chief benefit is collagen stimulation and this helps to build density, refine and tone texture.

Turn Up the Lights

SkynBar favorite is adding LED to your weekly protocol. This simple powerhouse technology is the new miracle device. It can bring back that bounce in the skin when used weekly. We recommend a professional session two to three times per month and then use the home version in between. “Treatments such as LED light therapy and #microneedleing are proven to boost collagen within our skin beyond traditional methods.” Excellent when paired with retinol for home care.

Eat With Caution

It might not be what you want to hear, but a diet filled with fried/processed foods and refined carbs does not do your face any favors. Sugar breaks down collagen and can assault our collagen reserves through a process called glycation (sugar molecules break down proteins that hold our skin upright). Eat tons of dark leafy greens and add in plenty of fruits, nuts, seeds, clean protein to enhance protection of our elasticity.

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