YIKES!!! The Dirtiness of Commonly Used Beauty Products

“British scientists recently discovered that all of us – and all of our beauty products – are filthy, scuzzy creatures.” It is true, U.K. scientists at Aston University tested the dirtiness of commonly used beauty products and tools. The study was done by collecting donations of makeup products, including lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, beauty blenders, etc. via social media. The study looked at 467 different makeup products collected and the results were not good, it found the majority of collected products were straight-up-vile.

Between 79 to 90 percent of the items tested were found to have significant “bacteria loads” Enterbacteriaceae are a wide ranging bacteria family. These microbes were present in almost every item collected. To list just a few of the bacteria found were e.coli, salmonella, klebsiella, shigella and yersinia pestis. Shocking!!!

I treat a lot of acne in our practice and I am constantly stressing the importance of clean hygiene when it comes to make-up and make-up applicator tools. Many times just being aware of this and following some simple cleansing habits with our products can make a significant improvement in our skin health.

The famous Beauty blenders contained the highest level of bacteria. Ninety three percent of the beauty blenders collected had not been cleaned. Sixty-four percent had been dropped on the floor and still used. So while we are worried about our slimy phones and germy drop down tables on planes, we have completely overlooked the layer of bacteria we have been blending into our pores every single day. So much for the double cleansing and clean beauty products. One simple change in our habits of cleaning our brushes and make-up would make all the difference.

The good news is that it is unlikely that the above findings are going to infect your face. In fact e.coli is part of the natural gut biome. It lives normally inside our bodies. But, what these nasty bacteria can do is cause inflammation in our skin. Over time this microbe ridden makeup can lead to acne and superficial bacterial infections.

My suggestion is to wash your makeup tools every time you use them. After all we don’t use our washcloths or towels over and over without washing them. Also, when in a pinch spritzing your brushes or makeup with a clini-prep such as DP Dermaceuticals rapid-cleansing formula. This medical grade clini-prep kills most bacteria and is gentle enough to use directly on skin. It’s formula has an additional antimicrobial control and is dermatologically tested.

Celebrate skin health. Be kind to your skin and don’t cut corners!!!