What’s So Red Hot About Red Light Therapy (LEDT)

Photobiomodulation continues to deliver outstanding clinical studies for its wide range of positive impacts on our overall health by delivering a very specific range of the infrared light spectrum. It is rare to find a modality that is supported by so many published studies and now we are learning this therapy is also beneficial to hormone, brain, sleep, and muscular health just to scratch the surface.

What’s So Red Hot About Red Light TherapyThe human body responds and metabolizes to different light or wave-lengths of light. Certain wavelengths of light are able to improve the mitochondria’s ability to produce ATP within our cells, therefore, no matter the cells function within our body it will be able to produce and use more energy. In exchange this allows our cells to function better overall.

Multiple studies have shown that patients utilizing LEDT, two times per week for 10 minutes per session, saw improvement with skin health and skin conditions like eczema and stretch marks. In addition to multiple skin benefits such reduction of wrinkles, better hydration in skin and collagen synthesis leaving smoother fuller looking skin. Benefits of enhanced sleep in several studies have shown this can work with the menlantinin hormones as well more energy, and alertness enhanced from proper rest.

Another area of research has shown LEDT to be beneficial to muscular recovery and faster recovery post injury. The photomodulation community is not completely new. Photomodulation is not necessarily a completely new innovation. Heliotherapy was used 100’s of years ago when they wheeled patients out in the sun, but NASA shed new light on how to capture light and funded many studies of this to expand on its utilization and the concept of using light and repurposing it to benefit human health.

In addition to the benefits we have briefly discussed above there are also cognitive benefits emerging. Well structured studies on this and its benefits to patients suffering from concussions or hitting head injuries. LED has shown to assist brain health for enhanced memory, faster learning, depression, showcased much reduce symptoms of injury reduce oxidative stress. In conclusion LED therapy has significant skin health benefits. And like we always say at SkynBar, we love combination therapy hence using LED in conjunction with other treatments recommended by your expert esthetician will leave your skin not only looking healthy but feeling healthy too!

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