What Everyone Got SO Wrong About Skin Care!

Much of what we thought was right about how to take care of our skin was actually all wrong. If you want to change the way your skin looks and feels, it is time to think outside of the traditional skin boxes.

What Everyone Got SO Wrong About Skin Care!From the day you bought your first cleanser you have been told your skin is oily or dry, combination, sensitive or most impressive of all, normal. Just like with the body types we throw people into baskets with our skin and it really does not make a lot of sense nor is it helpful for most in finding a beneficial skin regiment.

“The fact of the matter is we all have combination skin. Everyone’s skin has a unique fingerprint and our skin biology is more nuanced than we ever thought. Cosmetic companies are now realizing we are entering an error of a more personalized approach to skincare.” – Maureen Herrmann

We are understanding more about epigenetics and the affect to our skin as well the bacteria living on our skin and how this plays a part in our skin health and how it looks. Technologies are developing that will be able to figure out our skin’s DNA and this will change the way we approach skin care. This year La Roche-Posay debuted a prototype of a wearable sensor that measures skin’s acidity, called My SkinTrack pH.

This small patch can read skin’s pH level and uses the data to make skin-care recommendations. This concept is suggesting that alkalinity and acidity may be more important to healthy skin than traditional skin care has given credit to. The younger your skin is, the more acidic it is, therefore, it makes sense to consider this concept.

Your genetics and external triggers, like sun exposure, smoke, skin care, makeup, and even sweat can throw your skin’s pH. But, if we could be aware of our skin becoming basic, you could adjust your routine to normalize the pH, turn off these collagen-disrupting enzymes, and help prevent wrinkles and sagging.

Over stripping the skin is something we might have to scale back on as well, avoiding using make-up and skin-care that has harsh fragrances. Allow your skin to ‘breathe’ by not wearing makeup or heavy products on your days off.

When your skin’s pH level is thrown out of whack it creates an environment that is unhealthy and fosters harmful bacteria. In turn this triggers inflammation in ones body, which can result in skin issues such as rosacea, and even acne. It is vital to maintain ones neutral pH levels to ensure optimum skin health.

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