What Do My Favorite Skin Care Products Have in Common?

What Do My Favorite Skin Care Products Have in Common?

Ingredients. My favorite products are a diverse group and combination from different brands. I am less interested in the brand and more interested in ingredients when searching for POWER performing skin care. My favorite hero ingredients are hyaluronic acid (the ultimate of the hydrators); Vitamin C as an antioxidant; Retin A for preventing premature aging; squalene, which is a lipid that is highly moisturizing; and, of course, SPF.

Vitamin A makes the gold star list and continues to be my favorite powerful wrinkle buster, fighting the signs of aging and wrinkled skin. In addition, retinols reduce large pores, smooth texture, and they work to improve the dewy complexion of the skin. I like to start patients on 0.5%, working them up if their skin can tolerate it.

Some of the new botanicals, such as turmeric and licorice for anti-inflammatory purposes, have been beneficial as an ingredient for many skin conditions. Also, the new ingredient called bakuchiol, a retinol alternative, has been quite impressive for those with sensitive skin.

SPF rules as the most important step to any skin care routine. I continue to like the best mineral ingredients, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the form of nanoparticles. I suggest using a broad spectrum and minimum of 30 SPF. I also like some of the filters offered in European sunscreens that prevent deeper damage and offer more protection against the UVA rays.

The SPF protection labels only support protection against UVB rays, and many of the skin cancers are in fact caused by UVA. UVA also causes much of our environmental aging. It is recommended to wear a hat and glasses when outdoors to protect our skin and try to monitor the amount of sun exposure each day.

Finally, I must mention how important it is for me to source skin care brands that practice a human approach in development and maintain cruelty free standards.