The 4 Main Types of Acne – And How to Treat Them

Only humans get acne and here is why:

As human beings , we are entirely unique to other mammals. There are many unique contributing factors that aid to our acne conditions such as the use of makeup, the over consumption of fatty processed foods, and the use of soaps and chemicals that strip our body of its natural oils. But what is really comes down to is our human skin in itself.

Acne starts as a clogged pore and from there advances. A pore is another word for a hair follicle. In humans, hair is much smaller than compared to other members of the primate family. Our oil glands are designed to lubricate the skin (sebum) while our hair acts like a wick, this oil helps the hair move easily up the channel. In many places on our body our hair is small and fine, so fine in fact that the oil is unable to travel up , hence it causes the pore to become backed up and send a message to the sebaceous glands to activate and start overproducing oil. Humans have relatively big glands and small follicles. This is part of the reason acne is unique to humans. All this predisposes us to acne and breakouts.

So let’s talk types of acne

There are 4 main types of acne:

  • Regular Acne – This is acne is most common with teenagers and includes clogged pores, comedones and the T-Zone Acne. It is not uncommon with this regular type of acne to have frequent breakouts and excess sebum excretion causing highly oily areas.
  • Inflamed Acne – with postures and pustules is a more swollen form of acne. Added bacteria overgrowth leads to breakouts and it tends to treat with antimicrobial.
  • Adult On-set Acne or Hormonal Acne – This type of acne is exclusive to women and important to discover if there are hormonal imbalances like PTOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or other hormonal imbalances going on. This can also be considered adult acne and is extremelly frustrating , just when you thought acne was only for teens- suprise!
  • NoduloCystic Acne – is most difficult to treat and can be on face but also chest and back. It is characterized by multiple inflamed and uninflamed nodules. This acne occurs more in males than females. The correct diagnosis results in better treatments and in many cases is best treated by a professional Dermatologist.

“Treating acne has always been one of my favorite passions. Giving people their healthy and clear skin back is a great driving force for me to do what I do each day. Not only is it rewarding to help clients navigate through the acne treatment protocols that individually best address their specific skin, but ultimately I want to empower my patients to take care of their skin too.”

– Maureen Herrmann, Skin Expert and Founder of Skynbar

Some easy tips for acne patients to follow that I recommend are as follows:

NEVER, (and we mean never), sleep with makeup and make sure to cleanse before bed. Cleansing the face and body before bed is instrumental in preventing acne and reducing flare ups. Makeup, dirt and pollution left on skin at night can have very negative consequences for the face including leaving the skin dry, dull and with clogged pores and blackheads.

A few of my favorite cleansers are Cetaphil, ZO Gentle Cleanse and Eve Lom, I love the milky cleansers and even with acne can be used as the final cleanse with a double cleanse process. Double cleansing at night for those with extra oil and sebum is a great measure to avoid clogged pores and breakouts.

An ingredient that I love to fight acne is glycolic acid for degreasing pores. The molecule is smaller in glycolic acid so it can really get deeper and help balance out the oil. Vitamin C serums help to brighten and lighten pigment that can occur post breakout. It helps to fade the marks that acne can cause and this power house antioxidant also keeps the skin healthy and glowing. One of my favorite Vitamin C serums is the supercharged

Are you someone that suffers from acne? We would love to hear from you, what products have you seen results with? What did not work for you and why?
At Skynbar Atlanta we want to start an open community where people feel comfortable to ask questions and share experiences without the shame and anxiety that comes along with skin concerns. We are always here to help – feel free to email, DM us or simply call and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

Happy Sunday everyone and remember #beautyisalifeforce.

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