Maureen Herrmann Shares Her Healthy Aging Secrets

How do you feel about the aging process?

“I am not afraid of aging, a few wrinkles, or developing other signs that show time is passing and therefore, aging along the way,” says Maureen Herrmann. That may come across as surprising coming from a skin guru whose entire practice is focused on seeking a more youthful countenance. But, as Maureen’s patients would tell you, her approach is less about quick fixes and more about creating a long term strategy that supports healthy skin from the inside out. Her consultations include conversations on lifestyle to genetics, her preferences for scientific backed products and services allow her to accomplish far-reaching skin maintenance goals. Some of her favorite words are “realistic expectations” and “long term” skin commitments that last a lifetime. We embrace words like healthy aging at SkynBar and do not approach aging as a negative word.

We utilize treatments and protocols that take into account the five parts that contribute to facial aging: bone, muscle, skin, fat and fascia; skin is only one part. When you do treatments that only address one part alone, your end results will be less than satisfactory. It is important to address and customize the aging process to each individuals uniqueness.

At SkynBar, Maureen customizes everything and creates a long-term strategy and regiment for clients. Some of these protocols include ultra-sound for skin tightening, botox and fillers for volumizing, true micro-current to strengthen and support muscles, as well, teaching people to be more mindful of things like teeth grinding and stress. More antioxidants and less stress slows the aging process down.

Maureen also believes strongly in exercise and appreciates how awesome it is for overall skin and health. But, she feels that over-exercising can accelerate the aging process and actually cause free radical damage by stressing the body. “I like slower, less frequent workouts, it actually can make a noticeable impact on one’s looks”.

Favorite snack.

Nuts, dark chocolate, and protein bars.

Supplements and diets that keep Maureen’s skin glowing.

I include protein in my meals at least twice per day and always search out the organics when it comes to meat, fruit and vegetables. Unprocessed foods are important to me and worth spending extra on items that avoid preservatives. I generally look for lots of color variation in my foods and focus more on eating foods that are in season and fresh. My weakness is coffee and I do let myself start the day with one small cup. I balance the acid from this by drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruit and protein.

A typical lunch form me consists of vegetables, brown rice and one protein.

Dinner is similar.

Recommended supplements.

SkinAde is my current favorite. It comes in liquid form containing high quality ingredients that are safely sourced and boost collagen production. It has clinical data unlike most supplements, clinical supported papers are very important to me. It is also easy to add into my daily diet and actually taste pretty good.

Current read.

“The Shame Factor” Great read for balancing stress. We all can use some therapy to reduce stress.


Don’t waste those lovely fleeting moments. Know that family comes first, be kind and never lose your sense of community. If you are good to the world and practice patience, honesty, and kindness then great things will come. I owe my success to my wonderful clients and know I could not do what I do without them.