Are Dirty Pillow Cases Messing Up Your Face?

The short answer is YES! Here is why changing your linens can be beneficial to overall skin health.

Do you ever go to bed thinking time to get some Beauty sleep just to wake up and your skin feels off. There could be a simple reason for this. Mites are attracted to dead skin cells.

Our skin cells are constantly shedding throughout the day and night. Think about pillow cases and how often you wash them. Underestimating little factors like bed sheets and pillow cases could be the cause of several skin issues.

Are Dirty Pillow Cases Messing Up Your Face?Think about what can end up on our pillow cases. Dead skin cells, lotions, makeup, sweat, saliva and fungal mold. All these factors make our linens the perfect resident and breeding ground for dust mites which are very attracted to dead skin cells. A recent Study in the American Chemical Society Journal noted that American’s shed whopping 500 millions skin cells every day, much of this ends up in your bed.

Dust Mites are eight legged little critters that make your pillowcase and linens their bathroom. The feces from mites can trigger dermatitis, eczema, and skin allergies.

The Center of Dermatology states that by transferring dirt and oil from the pillow to the face it can trigger Acne Mechanica; inflamed pores and blemishes. A study in 2017 showed all kinds of transmitted organisms via sheets and linens. How often do you think Americans are washing their sheets? You may find it interesting to note that a recent poll replied that 44% washed their linens 1 x per week, 31% every 2 weeks and 16% polled said they wash linens once per month.

So just how often should one wash their sheets? Well this depends on circumstances specific to the individual. If person is not sweaty and showers routinely at night before bed, it can be said that every other week is sufficient.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends once per week if person has sensitive skin or allergies. Once a week for pillow cases and experts recommend 2 to 3 times per week for those with sensitive skin. No need for special kinds of detergents but hyper-allergenic is best. Turn your washer to the hottest water setting to best to increase the chances of killing off all bacteria. Ironing sheets takes them through a second step of sanitation. Protect skin from unwanted side effects by just simply adjusting to washing your linens more often!

Remember if you want healthy skin then doing these simple things can make a big difference. Keep sheets clean and skin glowing. Shower before bed and clean off the daily body fluids and skin cells. Always remove your make-up before bed. Start getting into a routine before crawling into bed and this process will become a habit. It is a small chance that you have 100% clean sheets all the time but changing once per week is a great start.

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