Adult Acne On The Rise

I see more and more clients visiting to discuss solutions for their adult acne. After studying acne for years and assisting my clients on a journey to healthy skin, I have formulated some conclusive findings that I feel are worth noting.

Today more than ever, I see clients that are older with adult acne. We all thought we outgrew this in our teens only to find it reoccurring in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Most of the time I find that the adult acne originates from an imbalance, like a whisper from your body. Micro-nutrients and gut health are extremely important to healthy and properly functioning organs. (skin being the largest) and needs to be addressed!

Nutrient sufficient levels of minerals in our solids are on the decline and therefore, our food is not as mineral rich as it was in the past. Nutrient depletion that occurs in the body can perpetuate adult acne.

Adult Acne On The RiseMicro-nutrients are very important to cellular function and the skin health. Vitamin A and food from animals helps our skin cells turnover. Zinc and vitamin A go hand in hand for initiated healthy cellular function. Other skin allies are pumpkin seeds, nuts, grains, and zinc. Zinc deficiency may be a big consideration when dealing with adult acne. There are simple zinc tests you can do if you feel you may be zinc deficient.


Another culprit to consider when dealing with hormonal acne is low levels of Vitamin D. Organic produce is higher in vitamin D and worth the extra cost. Some soaps can destroy good skin bacteria and this can harm the conversion of our vitamin D we get from the sun.  Increasing Vitamin D can help acne especially if it appears to stem from hormonal.

Vitamin C is a powerful Anti-Oxidant. We need more Vitamin C than in the past since we are bombarded with free radicals and toxicity via the environment.

“It is important to think as much about what you are eating as what you are not.” – Maureen Herrmann

The biggest storage of vitamin C in the body is our adrenal glands. Stress, oxidative stress, emotional stress can all compromise this.

Adequate levels of Vitamin C actually prevent cortisol levels to be buffered and offsets inflammation. The necessary amounts of Vitamin C vary from person to person and with time needs to establish adequate amounts.

Another consideration is food sensitivity when dealing with adult acne. Adding and subtracting slowly to identify food that may be triggering reactions can solve the issues sometimes.

Not enough stomach acid which leads to food not being able to be broken down can lead to stress and inflammation. This of course can show in the skin.

“I have seen many clients who restore acids and improve their gut health which results in less break outs. Consuming too much protein and not having enough stomach acid can be a problem. If the proteins don’t get broken down into amino acids then you do not benefit from all the nutrients. A low stomach acid test is super easy to do and recommended if dealing with acne.” – Maureen Herrmann

Stress is a trigger for many inflammatory diseases and can support adrenal health.

Nutrient Rich Foods that are Excellent Skin Health

  • Liver (organ Meat) natures multi vitamin zinc, iron, b-12 and great synergy.  Anti fatigue for the skin, vitamin A. Grass Fed and Grass finished. Vet your sources. Leafy grains are key so green shake every day.
  • Minerals our body cannot take from the sea dry and irritated omega 3, oysters, clams, salmon and seaweed. Iodine acne I don’t see it.
  • Fermented food – digestive issues causes breakouts. poor gut skin will suffer. The skin is the largest organ so it will suffer. Fermented food restores skin balance. Spices are full of anti-oxidants and antibacterial. Tumeric, ginger, lemon, etc.

Living a completely break-out free life is near impossible for pretty much anyone – HOWEVER with these tips and tools, you can reduce breakouts and the appearance of blemishes as quickly and painlessly as possible. That way you can focus on more important things with confidence!

And remember , #beautyisalifeforce!